HTML5 App Devs Meetup October Video

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A HUGE thanks to Michael Benin for recording, editing, and turning this around in less than a day.

Coding at Scale, Angular State of Mind, CSS Animations and CucumberJS from John K. Paul on Vimeo.

Another month, even more awesome talks. This time, one main talk and three lightning talks. I'm very encouraged by seeing how many people out there want to come and share knowledge of what they know. As always, get in touch with me if you want to present either lightning talks, or main talks.

Coding at Scale: Tactics for Large-Scale Web Development by Mike Petrovich
Web applications and their development teams are becoming larger and more complex, which introduces a new set of challenges relating to developer communication and collaboration. How do large teams—sometimes in different parts of the world—coordinate effectively to build complex web applications?

In this talk, we'll examine many of the technical and logistical challenges faced by large and small-but-growing development teams alike, and we'll identify high-level patterns and implementation tactics successfully employed by development organizations.
Angular State of Mind: Intro to Angular.js by Rushaine McBean
Using a JavaScript framework or library today is a no brainer, the hard part is figuring out which to learn. In this talk, I’ll guide you through the key Angular concepts so your eventual mastery of AngularJS will lead to building scalable JS applications.
CSS Animations by Chris Sanders
The goal of my presentation is to discuss animations in CSS and why they are the preferred way to handle animations for your application. Firstly, I will give an overview of the syntax for creating animations. Then I will be presenting some common things people like to create with javascript and instead create them with CSS3 and CSS4.
CucumberJS by David Souther

David Souther shows how to write and run behavioral tests using Grunt, CucumberJS, and WebdriverJS. In a TDD fashion, we will go from an empty directory to a complete green functional test. Bring your Github, and look at each commit as we show how easy testing the full stack can be.